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Enhance Your Sales Skills and Motivation
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Course Overview

Our Effective Sales & Proactive Motivation course is designed to help sales professionals at all levels develop proactive sales techniques, generate more leads, and achieve their sales targets.

This course combines practical sales skills with motivational strategies to enhance overall sales performance.

This is a 2-day (16 hour) course.

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Course Details


This course provides a comprehensive approach to sales training, focusing on proactive techniques to improve sales performance. Participants will learn to create effective sales strategies, enhance customer engagement, and maintain high levels of motivation.


Participants will learn to develop effective sales plans, use motivational techniques to boost performance, and apply proactive strategies to generate leads and close deals.

Target Audience

Ideal for sales professionals, team leaders, and managers looking to enhance their sales skills and motivation. Suitable for all experience levels.

About Our Trainers

Our trainers are experienced sales professionals with a proven track record in sales and motivation.

They bring practical insights and real-world experience to help you achieve your sales goals.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Proactive Sales Techniques

Learn the basics of proactive sales techniques and how to implement them effectively.

Lead Generation Strategies

Understand various strategies for generating leads and how to apply them in your sales process.

Customer Engagement

Learn techniques to engage customers and build strong relationships

Sales Motivation Techniques

Discover ways to stay motivated and keep your sales team motivated

Closing Deals

Develop skills to effectively close deals and achieve sales targets.

Pricing Information



Excellent course with a focus on real-world application. The proactive strategies and motivational techniques are very effective.

Jack M
Senior Sales Executive, Singapore

Comprehensive training that covers all aspects of sales and motivation. I highly recommend it.

Chris J
Regional Sales Director, UK

This training boosted my sales and my confidence. The motivational aspects were particularly beneficial.

Olivia S
Sales Manager, Canada

The course was engaging and informative. It provided me with new tools to improve my sales performance.

Emma G
Business Development Executive, Australia

Valuable insights and strategies that I could apply immediately. This course is a must for any sales professional.

Robert P
Sales Representative, USA

Highly effective course with actionable insights. The motivation techniques were particularly useful.

Sarah W
Sales Executive, Germany

The proactive sales techniques taught in this course have been a game changer for me. My sales numbers have improved drastically.

Daniel F
Account Manager, France

I appreciated the practical advice and real-world examples. The motivational tips were a bonus and kept me energised

Rachel N
Sales Associate, Ireland

The course was extremely beneficial in enhancing my sales techniques and motivation. The practical strategies shared were easy to implement and showed immediate results.

Thomas A
Sales Manager, UK

Our customer relations have improved significantly since taking this course. Very worthwhile.

Daniel B
Customer Service Manager, Spain

An excellent resource for anyone in customer service. Highly recommended!

Chloe S
Customer Care Specialist, Belgium

The course was very practical and engaging. Our team found it extremely beneficial.

Alex T
Customer Experience Manager, Netherlands

Benefits and Outcomes


✅Enhance your sales skills with practical techniques that generate results.

✅Increase your motivation and maintain a high level of performance.

✅Learn to generate more leads and convert them into sales.

✅Develop effective customer engagement strategies.

Why Veritern

At Veritern, we are a leading provider of negotiation training, helping professionals succeed in global business environments.

Our small class sizes ensure personalised attention, and our commitment to continuous improvement means you receive the latest and most effective Kanban practices.

Terms & Conditions, Data Protection

Terms & Conditions

Full refunds are available 15 business or more days before the scheduled event date. Cancellations made 10 or more business days before the event will be credited toward future events, however, no refunds will be issued. Rescheduling course attendance within 10 full business days or less will be subject to a transfer fee of 100€. No refunds or credits will be available for participants that fail to attend all days of the course. Substitutions will be accepted at any time prior to commencement of the course.
In the unlikely event that we need to cancel or postpone the course you will be offered your choice of a discount on a later course or a full refund.
If you would like to pay via invoice then please contact us on


Certification Consent

Consent for your name and email address to be held by Veritern Nexus  S.L. in the EU.
This consent includes email follow-up with supplementary course materials and communication with Veritern Nexus SL. Consent can be withdrawn at any time; however, the Veritern Nexus SL must store your personal data to maintain record of completing the course. If you have any questions please contact us on

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