Anti-Slavery Business

Modern Slavery Statement

Our Anti-Slavery Statement

Prohibition of Slavery and Human Trafficking

1.1. We are committed to upholding and promoting the principles of human rights, dignity, and freedom.
1.2. We strictly prohibit any form of slavery, forced labour, or human trafficking within our coaching, training, and consulting business and its supply chains.
1.3. We will not knowingly engage in business with any individual or organization involved in slavery, forced labour, or human trafficking.

Due Diligence and Risk Assessment

2.1. We will conduct thorough due diligence to identify and assess any potential risks of slavery or human trafficking within our operations and supply chains.
2.2. We will implement appropriate measures to prevent and mitigate the risk of slavery or human trafficking, taking into account the nature of our business and the countries in which we operate.

Supplier and Partner Relationships

3.1. We will engage with suppliers, contractors, and partners who share our commitment to ethical practices and demonstrate compliance with applicable anti-slavery and human trafficking laws.
3.2. We will include anti-slavery and human trafficking clauses in our contractual agreements, requiring suppliers and partners to adhere to the same high standards we uphold.

Training and Awareness

4.1. We will provide regular training and awareness programs to our employees, contractors, and stakeholders to ensure they understand the signs of slavery and human trafficking and know how to report any suspicions or concerns.
4.2. We will promote a culture of transparency and accountability, encouraging open dialogue and communication regarding potential risks and incidents related to slavery and human trafficking.

Reporting and Whistleblowing

5.1. We will establish clear procedures for reporting and handling any suspicions or incidents of slavery or human trafficking within our business or supply chains.
5.2. We will protect whistle-blowers who report in good faith, ensuring their confidentiality and safeguarding them from any retaliation.

Continuous Improvement

6.1. We will regularly review and evaluate our anti-slavery and human trafficking policies, procedures, and practices, seeking opportunities for improvement and taking appropriate actions as necessary.
6.2. We will collaborate with relevant stakeholders, organizations, and initiatives to contribute to the collective efforts in eradicating slavery and human trafficking globally.

This anti-slavery statement reflects our unwavering commitment to combatting slavery, forced labor, and human trafficking and promoting ethical business practices within our coaching, training, and consulting business.

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